ReadMe for Precisely single 1.0


About Precisely single

Precisely single is a simple tool for rounding off decimal numbers in a way that their value is not affected when parsed into IEEE 754 single precision number format.

Precisely single tries to reduce the number of digits after the decimal separator as much as possible. It does not try to remove digits before the decimal separator.


Precisely single runs within the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Information about the .NET Framework is available on Microsoft's website


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Input number format

Numbers provided as input to Pecisely single must respect the following notation rules (standard decimal notation). Exponential notation is not supported!

Additionally, Precisely single allows you to append a + or - sign to the end of the number to indicate whether the real number's absolute value is slightly higher or lower than the last digit can express. This is only useful when the last digit is 5.

Leading and trailing spaces are ignored.


Input Output
3.141592653 3.1415927
-9.9999999 -10
-9.9999994 -9.999999
-9.9999995 -10
-9.9999995+ -10
-9.9999995- -9.999999
16.0000005+ 16.0000005
16.0000005- 16
15.0000005- 15.0000005
+.0 +0
-00001.10000 -00001.1
1234567890 1234567890


Just type the number you would like to have rounded off in the text box and press the Process text button. Alternatively, you may copy the number you want to round off to the clipboard and then press the Process clipboard button.

The result will replace the contents of the text box and will be also copied to the clipboard, unless the option Copy result to clipboard has been unchecked.

Precisely single was released on 11th December 2006 and is copyright © Francesco Trotta 2006.

Precisely single is provided as it is with no warranty of any kind. You are welcome to redistribute this software.

You can contact the author by sending an e-mail to: ft1@ft1.