ReadMe for Caps Lock Notifier 1.0


About Caps Lock Notifier

Caps Lock Notifier is a Windows application that shows a notification in the bottom right corner of your desktop whenever caps lock is turned on or off. It is especially useful for subnotebooks and devices without a keyboard led indicating the caps lock state.

This program was designed as a replacement for Dell's lame Caps Lock Application and other similar tools.

Caps Lock Notifier takes advantage of refined programming techniques, including direct access to the Windows API and a specialized multithreaded architecture, to minimize both resource usage and performance impact.

Supported user interface languages are currently English, French, German, and Italian.


Caps Lock Notifier runs on Windows XP and later operating systems.


Click on the links below for available downloads.


Run the installer package to install or remove Caps Lock Notifier.

Author, licensing

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